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Is this the AMP Research, Westin, Bestop, or Steel Horse bed Extender?

AMP Research is the inventor and manufacturer for all of these companies. Also, Chevy, Dodge, Nissan, and Toyota bed extenders are manufacturered by AMP Research.

Ford licensed the technology for a while, and made a version very similar to the AMP Research design, but it has some significant differences.
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Will these brackets fit my bed extender?

The easist way to detemine if this is the proper bed extender bracket for your truck is to see if there is a sticker with AMP RESEARCH near one end of the U-shaped tubes.

Also, you will have a pivot post, kind of like Frankenstein&039;s neck bolts, sticking out from the middle tubes.
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Do I have the Ford version of the Bed Extender?

The Ford version has:
  • knobs that you push and pull in order to allow the bed extender to flip inboard/outboard.
  • It is brushed stainless steel instead of painted silver or black.
  • There is a bracket-slot on the bed extender, and the post is mounted on the truck side wall.
If you have a Ford bed extender, then it is made by Ford. Thre is no aftermarket version available. Some dealers will sell you the brackets, most will not. You migh also check the junk yards.
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Are other replacement parts / spare parts available for the Bed Extender?

Yes. Please call for information on the bed extender replacement parts.
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What is the difference between the bed extender Quick-Latch bracket and the Standard Bracket?

The pivot pin on the bed extender frame has two flat spots milled on it. The bed extender must be rotated straight up in order for these flats to line up with the opening in the standard bracket.

The quick-latch bracket allows you to push a lever and widen the bracket opening so that you can lift the bed extender out of the brackets without having to rotate the frame.

You will need the quick-latch brackets if you carry motorcycles, ATVs, or other tall equipment on your tailgate.
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How tall is the bed extender?
What is the height of the bed extender?

Compact Trucks = 17&qout;
Mid-Size Trucks = 19"
Full Size Trucks = 19"
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Can the bed extender be used with inside mount tonneau covers?

If a tonneau cover mounts to the inside of the bed frame, the then side rails will probably interfere with flipping the bed extender inboard and outboard.

You can purchase the Quick-latch brackets so that you can remove or insert the bed extender without having to flip it over.

This primarily effects Truxedo, Access, Roll-N-Lock, Pace Edwards, BAK, and the inside-mounted Extang covers. As well as other brands of tonnoeau covers that clamp againset the inside surface of the truck side rails.
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Can the bed extender be used with lid style tonneau covers?

The gas shocks on the lid-style covers generally interfere with flipping the bed extender inboard and outboard.

You can purchase the Quick-latch brackets so that you can remove or insert the bed extender without having to flip it over.
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Can the bed extender be used with top-mount tonneau covers?

Yes. The bed extender can be used with all canvas tonneaus covers that are mounted to the top of the truck bed rails.
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How close to the end of the tailgate will the bed extender come?

The bed extender will be within a couple of inches of the end of the tailgate.
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Can you carry a motorcycle or ATV with the bed extender?

You will want to purchase the quicklatch brackets if you are carryg a motorcycle or ATV. The wheels of the motorcycle/ATV are usually too close to the bed extender to allow it to rotate up so that you can pull it out of the standard bracket.

This application is why the quick-latch brackets here invented.
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Can you carry plywood or drywall with a bed extender?

The bed extender extends to within 4 inches of the end of the tailgate. If this provides 8ft of length on your truck, then the bed extender will contain sheets of drywall or plywood.
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How much of a load can the bed extender retain?

All loads must be strapped down. The bed extender is strong enough to use as a bench. However, unrestrained loads can create very large forces that will damage the bracket mounts. The bed extender will easily hold anything that is put between it and the tailgate when the bed extender is flipped inboard.
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What materials is the Bed Extender made from?

The tubes are aircraft aluminum. They are heavy enough that you can set it on its ends and use it as a bench.
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Where is the bed extender made?

The bed extender is manufactured in California.
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Why do the 2006 and newer Chevy/GMC trucks require an auxillary/adapter bracket?

The new style Chevy and GMC trucks do not have a large enough mounting location for the brackets. The auxilary brackets is an adapter plate that mounts to these specific trucks.
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Why do the Nissan pickup trucks require a L-bracket?

These trucks have a lip just inside the tailgate which interferes ith the bed extender flipping inboard and outboard. The L-Bracket mounts to this lip and provides a new mounting mount that works with this truck.
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Why do the Toyota trucks require a different strap kit?

The strap attaches the bed extender to the tailgates latching mechanism. The Toyota trucks use a metal loop for their tailgate latch, while every other company uses a post.

As the straps insert into the tailgate latch mechanism, it requires a different strap.
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